Sound Trap Studios 7 foot concert grand


I imagine every piano has a story.

And well not the beginning of the story of this piano-

My part of it briefly goes something like this.

I had an occasion to do a favor for Jessica Williams.

In the weeks that followed we spoke several times during which I requested her advice on choosing a piano for the recording studio.

She provided me with a handful of suggestions and contacts.

That launched me into several weeks of research and inquiries and several near misses.

Then out of the blue one day she calls me up and she says I think I have your piano.

I mean literally your piano I think you should have my piano.

And of course one of the things I really like about it is that she had her technician find tune the action on it to her demands over the several years that she recorded about eight albums on it.

And so it was that I bought the piano,

the day I went to pick it up I brought a sharpie with me and requested she signed the piano.

I will never forget

the look on her face.